Door Adds Flexibility to Palletized Product Blast Freezing System

Allows pallets of all sizes to be placed in the Tippmann Group QFR Zone system

Tippmann Group Pallet Fit Door

The Tippmann Group Pallet Fit door makes the company’s QFR Zone blast freezing system more flexible and efficient than ever before. The door allows pallets of all sizes to be placed in the QFR Zone system, including full pallets, partial pallets, single-layer pallets, or no pallet, eliminating the need for plug pallets. As pallets are placed into the system, the door engages only where there is product, opening and allowing maximum airflow through the product while eliminating wasted airflow. The door also is available with the QTR Zone solution for thawing palletized product.

“The QFR Zone Pallet Fit door provides optimum flexibility for our customers, so they can tackle any situation,” says Sean Slain, Tippmann Group vice president of sales. “This cutting-edge technology was designed from customer feedback. We listened, and we delivered a system (QFR Zone Pallet Fit door), which provides maximum operational flexibility and labor savings to our customers.” To learn more, visit PACK EXPO Las Vegas Booth SU-7627.  

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