Contract Packaging Association releases next edition of landmark industry research report

Based on a 100-question interview of 120 CEOs and senior industry executives, the report expands on 2017 research and forecasts further into the industry’s future.

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The Contract Packaging Association (CPA), the industry’s largest and most influential trade association for the contract packaging industry, announces the latest release of their landmark State of the Industry report. This release expands on 2017 research, forecasts further into the industry’s future and provides valuable insights for anyone involved in contract packaging.

Based on a 100-question interview of 120 CEOs and senior industry executives, the State of the Industry report also combines separate primary and secondary research. The report is an invaluable planning tool for anyone connected to the contract packaging and manufacturing industries.

Key topics included in the report, in addition to projected growth rates, are:

  • The Amazon Effect/The Walmart Effect/The 3G Effect
  • Private equity investment/legacy ownership
  • Customer, grocer and industry consolidations
  • Off-shore and Mexico-based competition and more

“We launched the initial report in early 2018, and the research has been extremely well received,” says Ron Puvak, managing director, CPA. “In the latest update, we have built upon that framework, adding new data, deeper insights, more trend analysis and additional tools for those competing in, selling to, buying from or investing in our industry.”

Unlike third-party statistical research summaries, the CPA State of the Industry report goes beyond the numbers, combining executive insights with qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research.

“Our industry is experiencing unprecedented change and growth, driven by massive upheavals in the food, CPG and retail sectors,” states Tim Koers, president, CPA. “The velocity of change has upended our normal three-year update cycle. The new report is a powerful planning tool for anyone involved in the industry.”

Topics in this 160-page expanded report include:

  • Defining the food/CPG industry by scope and revenue
  • Industry CAGR 2017–2022 packaging/manufacturing/secondary packaging
  • The rise of private equity/industry consolidation trends
  • The labor market and widening talent gap
  • Demographics on size, company age, locations, revenue
  • Enterprise technology implementations and penetration rates
  • Industry marketing and business development trends
  • Sustainability trends and much more

To access the latest State of the Industry report, visit

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