Ice Cream From Hershey’s, Friendly’s, Chipwich, and Others Recalled Due to Listeria Concerns

FDA sampling of the ice creams produced by a single contract manufacturer revealed the presence of Listeria.

Hershey's Friendly's Chipwich Ice Cream Recall
FDA/Totally Cool

Totally Cool—a contract manufacturer of ice cream and ice cream novelties based in Maryland—is recalling 67 products from 13 brands distributed nationwide due to possible Listeria contamination. No illnesses have been reported yet.

The problem was discovered during FDA sampling of ice creams at Totally Cool, which revealed the presence of Listeria. Some of the brands include Hershey’s, Friendly’s, Chipwich, and Jeni’s. Here is a list of all the products and brands under the recall

Those at Totally Cool say they have stopped production of the affected products, and that no other items produced by Totally Cool are impacted by this recall.

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Crave Better Foods—parent company of Chipwich—says they maintain a small, separate production line at the Totally Cool facility to produce a limited quantity of a single variety of its ice cream cookie sandwiches. Even though their production line is physically isolated and independently operated from the rest of the Totally Cool facility, Crave Better Foods has issued a voluntary recall for a limited quantity of its Vanilla Chocolate Chip Chipwich ice cream cookie sandwiches. There are three Chipwich items under the recall. 

In a company statement about the recall, Hershey’s says, “Totally Cool, a manufacturing partner of ours and of many other brands, is issuing a voluntary recall of products that it has produced going back one year, according to the impacted code dates.” There are four Hershey's ice cream products included in the recall. The company adds that the recall doesn’t affect any other products that Hershey’s sells, and retail partners that purchased the recalled items should contact Hershey’s for credit, and dispose of the ice cream in a way that humans and animals cannot consume it.

Totally Cool is a longtime producer of ice cream and ice cream novelties, and was featured last year in ProFood World.         

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