Whimsical animal adventurers set all-natural jerky packs apart

A backpacking cow, a kayaking pig, and a rock-climbing turkey pictured in U.S. national parks set all-natural Field Trip Jerky’s packaging apart from its competitors.

Field Trip Turkey Jerky AFTER
Field Trip Turkey Jerky AFTER

Encouraging consumers to “Get Out There,” new packaging graphics for Field Trip Jerky all-natural craft jerky products feature whimsical animal characters engaged in outdoor adventures against the backdrop of U.S. national parks. The design continues Field Trip’s tradition of distinctive packaging for the category, which is traditionally dominated by dark, glossy plastic pouches.

Introduced in 2010, Field Trip’s jerky products were among the first to combine clean ingredients and strong nutrition, and its packaging—a brown kraft paper pouch printed in three colors—reflected that natural message.

“For some time, our design was unique and stood apart from competitors in the set, becoming ‘the look’ of the natural jerky category,” says Field Trip co-founder Tom Donigan. “We were even the first to introduce a convenient side-open pouch design for jerky, allowing easier access to the product inside. But as new brands entered the market, it immediately became obvious to us that our look and feel was no longer our look and feel, but rather much more ubiquitous.”

Working with creative agency Moxie Sozo, Field Trip set out in December 2015 to create a new design that it could once again call its own. “Our goals were to be unlike any other package on the shelf, to provide a sense of discovery, and above all else, to easily convey the great product packaged inside,” says Donigan.

Driven by the idea of adventure, graphics for the pillow pouch include hand-drawn illustrations of seven national parks: Yosemite, Big Bend, Acadia, Arches, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and Grand Tetons. Three animal adventurers—a backpacking cow, a kayaking pig, and a rock-climbing turkey—represent beef, pork, and turkey jerky varieties, respectively. Explains Donigan, “We wanted a visual cue for consumers to tell what the product was from a distance. We also thought that the animals would be a fun and engaging design element.”

On the top of the front panel, a travel-tag design element conveys information that includes the variety name, notable nutrition information, and product attributes (No Preservatives. No Added MSG. No Nitrites. No Corn Syrup. All Natural. Gluten Free.) The Field Trip logo, with an outline of a mountain range, was simplified and the tagline “Get Out There” was added “to encourage consumers to live a more adventurous life,” says Donigan. The back of the package features a clear window to allow consumers to see the product inside.

The redesign includes seven flavors in 1- and 2.2-oz bags, and four flavors in 12-oz bags, which began rolling out on shelves in August 2016. Field Trip Jerky products are sold nationally at Starbucks and in a growing number of natural food retailers as well as at Target, Harris Teeter, Sprouts, and FreshDirect online.

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