Food processors are asking OEMs for improvements to processing equipment for the next generation of machinery

Cleanability is the number one request, according to a recent report from PMMI Business Intelligence, with 73 % seeking machinery that is designed and built to be cleaned and sanitized easily.

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“Cleanability is the most important,” said one engineering manager for a dairy, “especially when moving from gluten to non-gluten product.  We have to prevent cross contamination.”

Half of those food processors polled from bakery, snack food, beverage, etc.,  are requesting that OEMs offer the next generation of equipment with faster, more flexible changeover.

A leading food processor’s VP of Global Engineering commented, “We want standardized controls on machinery to work in the Cloud with a voice recognition feature to retrieve operating information easily.”

Forty-three percent of those studied are also looking for improved operator safety. Download the entire study here.

Source: PMMI Business Intelligence: Trends in Food Processing Operations, 2017.


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