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Started up a new plant or expanded food safety? Created a sustainability project to help meet environmental goals? We’d like to hear about it—and tell your peers why you deserve accolades.

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It’s the start of awards season at ProFood World and time to start working on your submissions. If you’re among the best, you could not only be featured in the magazine, but have an opportunity to present your project to your peers at PACK EXPO International in Chicago next fall.

The Manufacturing Innovation Award (MIA) winner featured this month as our cover story represents a $150 million investment, for a 295,000-sq-ft plant that processes upwards of 40,000 turkeys a day. It’s a brand spankin’ new facility that features the latest and greatest in automation, ergonomics, and end-to-end traceability.

Sounds like a dream entry, right? OK, yeah, it truly is an impressive sight to see, and Michael Costa has written a really interesting story to take you inside and show you around all the bells and whistles. The article is definitely worth a read to learn all about Prestage’s air-chill system, food safety measures, and automation efficiencies that let them worry a whole lot less about today’s labor challenges (and create pretty satisfied workers as well).

   Read all about our latest MIA winner: Prestage Foods Streamlines Turkey Processing Through Automation.

But the fact is that manufacturing innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s not always a new plant. And it doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether greenfield or brownfield, whether a new plant or a line upgrade—take some credit for a job well done.

This is true for our MIAs, but perhaps even more so for our Sustainability Excellence in Manufacturing Award (SEMA). Sometimes sustainability programs are built from the top down, with large, overarching efforts to not only save resources but also be accountable to customers and shareholders. But other times, it’s that one worker who’s passionate about improving environmental practices, who might not even have an official role in the producer’s sustainability department (if, indeed, the company even has one).

We want to be sure that not only the companies are being recognized for their efforts to operate more sustainably, but the individuals who drive those projects and programs as well. Tell us what you’re doing in the way of pollution prevention, enhanced environmental protection and stewardship, compliance assurance, or other sustainability efforts.

Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours?

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