Eloctrolyzed water disinfects

NaOClean disinfecting water can fully sterilize a workstation more quickly than traditional chemical disinfectants, even at lower concentrations.

NaOClean device
NaOClean device

As neutral, electrolyzed water, the use of NaOClean system helps maintain the freshness of food without damaging nutrients, according to a company spokesperson at ProFood World this week. By eliminating germs on fruits, vegetables, or fish, NaOClean can prevent various diseases.

The device consists of a 35-kg stainless disinfectant generator with water tank. The electrolyzed water the device generates effectively eliminates foul odor without damaging the environment or risking human health. The company says that conventional disinfectant methodologies such as ultraviolet, ozone, and alcohol come with negative consequences. But NaOClean is safer on human skin than other chemical disinfectants. It leaves almost no chlorine residual, thanks to a quick dissolution of active chlorine. The tank generates a steady stream of powerful disinfecting water at a constant concentration, allowing users to use the disinfecting water at anytime and anywhere. 

Discharging untreated electrolyzed  water directly into the sewage system is legal since it will not envornnmentally dangerous. NaOClean generates safe and clean solution without producing a toxic smells and ensures good working conditions.


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