Five food safety updates you need to know

From lessons to be learned from the pharmaceutical industry to blockchain and Cyclospora outbreaks, these news stories led ProFood World's coverage of food safety in the past few months.


With more food recalls in the public arena in recent months, food and beverage manufacturers work on increasing their vigilance in the fight against foodborne pathogens. Here are five reports that help pave the way to better food safety programs.

  1. Walmart gets bold about blockchain

  2. Can lessons from pharma track & trace be applied to the food supply chain?

  3. Cleaning and sanitation: the building blocks of food safety

  4. Cyclospora outbreaks warrant attention

  5. A guide for building a food safety culture



Special Report: Essential tools for effective sanitation
Today’s food processors are faced with an ongoing labor shortage and pressure to increase production to meet market demands. That means less downtime for cleaning while adhering to strict food safety guidelines. How can a manufacturer overcome these hurdles to stay profitable?
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Special Report: Essential tools for effective sanitation