Medical device pack earns WorldStar Award

When patients are hemorrhaging, seconds count. A thermoformed medical device package that helps physicians cut time needed to deliver life-saving procedures wins a 2013 WorldStar Award.

Prent WorldStar 2013
Prent WorldStar 2013

A package that helps medical staff treat life-threatening hemorrhaging earned a Worldstar award for Prent Corp., a designer and producer of custom thermoformed packages for the medical industry.

The annual WorldStar Awards—given out by the World Packaging Organization (WPO)—honor outstanding package design innovations worldwide.

In this instance, Prent’s thermoformed package is utilized by Cook Urological, a Spencer-IN-based Cook Group medical manufacturing company. According to WPO’s Web site, “The [Cook Urological] Bakri thermoformed package organizes two sets of product for two separate procedures, thus reducing preparation time when seconds are valuable in life-saving situations. The thermoformed solution of a tray and retainer combination will hold various product lengths, provides ease of use, and protection for a pouch application. The retainers’ tip cavity retains the tubing end, various tubing lengths are coiled, then die-cut flaps are folded and snapped together to hold the tubing in place.”

Prent’s package involves an easy-to-understand tray and retainer. This allows medical staff to simultaneously begin using different parts of the device, thus cutting the time needed to get the device ready and saving valuable seconds needed to stop hemorrhages. While one assistant is starting IV prep using the retainer components, a physician is able to start another procedure using the tray components.

The workhorse of the package is the retainer whose multiple forms and features provids cost savings and enhanced product usability.

The new design allows it to be used as a universal retainer for devices of various length, reducing the per-package costs associated with designing, tool milling, thermoforming, material, warehousing, and shipping multiple retainers.

Because the retainer and tray are stacked, the footprint uses less shelf space, which offers healthcare providers costs savings as well as product protection and stability.
The key features of the retainer when combined as a whole are that it allows fast loading of the product , prevents tangling of lengthy tubing, enables fast and easy access to the tray, and it ensures excellent sterilization penetration.


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