Case sealer handles up to 28 different size cases/min

3M’s new 3M-Matic Random Case Sealer is designed for environments that require the flexibility to seal cases that vary with every box.

This edition of PACK EXPO International has seen an explosion in machinery and materials designed for the growing e-commerce market. Among them, 3M has introduced its 3M-Matic™ 7000r High Speed Pro/700r3 High Speed Pro Random Case Sealer, which can handle up to 28 different case sizes/min. The machine automatically adjusts to both case height and width, providing top and bottom case sealing of random-sizes cases.

Features of the new machine, which debuted at the show, include PLC controls that connect upstream and downstream operations, long-life column linear bearings and guides for precision upper assembly movement, outer column machine status indicator lights designed to maximize operator productivity, and 3M™ AccuGlide™ 4 2- and 3-in. taping heads engineered to ensure reliable application of tape without box damage.

The model 7000r can accommodate cases 7 in. or longer, in widths from 7 to 26 in., and heights from 3.5 in. in a standard position to 14.38 in. in a fully raised position. The model 7000r3 can also handle cases 7 in. or longer in widths from 7 to 26 in., but it can accommodate cases that are deeper—27 in. high in a standard position, and 38.13 in. raised.

“A production line is no place for bottlenecks, and our new 7000r/7000r3 High Speed Pro case sealer enables consistent tape application at high speeds—even if the size and shape vary with every box,” said Chad Klostermann, US Marketing Manager – Packaging | Equipment, 3M. “Its safety features and improved processes can help increase plant safety, reduce labor costs, and decrease downtime.”

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