Current Foods at Natural Products Expo East 2022

The global plant-based fish market is projected to surge to a valuation of $1.3B by 2031. Today at Expo East, we talked to award winning emerging brand Current Foods about their new plant-based smoked salmon.

Current Foods (, an alt-protein pioneer, unveiled its first retail product and latest plant-based innovation—sliced smoked salmon—during Expo East today.

The sliced ready-to-eat smoked salmon is a reimagined classic, made entirely from plants and crafted with ingredients like peas, algae, potato, and bamboo.

The brand's first retail partners, including Showfields, Fairway Market, and Gourmet Garage in NYC, as well as a major retail group in California, will be launching Current Foods Sliced Smoked Salmon within the next two months.

“Consumers enjoy our Current Tuna so much that we wanted to give them additional seafood options to choose from,” said Jacek Prus, CEO and co-founder of Current Foods, who founded the company in 2019. â€śSalmon was the next obvious choice as one of the most popular fish types in the world. We have worked hard to achieve the same taste and mouthfeel of the traditional fish, as we don't want consumers to make any compromise in enjoyment. At the same time, our smoked salmon is a far more sustainable way to consume seafood without dropping a single anchor into any of our heavily compromised oceans. One bite, and we are confident that retailers will have salmon-loving customers for life!"

Current Foods has also launched tuna and salmon products in Spain, addressing the growing worldwide demand for plant-based seafood.


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