PepsiCo announces progress toward sustainability goals

Notes improvement across multiple areas

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In its latest sustainability report, PepsiCo reveals the progress the company has made in attaining its Performance with Purpose 2025 Agenda sustainability goals. According to PepsiCo, improvement has been achieved across numerous critical areas, such its product portfolio, water, sustainable sourcing and diversity, while over $7 billion has been returned to its shareholders.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Reducing added sugars, saturated fat and sodium in its beverage and snacks portfolio
  • Reaching one-quarter of its 2025 goal for annual water replenishment, with approximately 2.7 billion liters locally replenished in high-water-risk watersheds, and working with the PepsiCo Foundation and its partners to provide more than 2 million people with safe water access
  • Helping its growers become more productive while reducing water usage and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increasing female representation in management positions to 38% and empowering 6 million women and girls through investments in local communities.
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