Cornell Creates COVID-19 Website for Food Industry

Helps food processors determine what’s necessary to protect the public and employees, while helping to maintain safe U.S. food supply

Cornell Creates Detailed Covid 19 Website For Food Industry
Cornell University

Cornell’s Institute for Food Safety has created a comprehensive website, Food Industry Resources for Coronavirus (COVID-19), to help keep New York’s food processing industry safe during the current pandemic. The website contains key information and allows access to Cornell faculty and experts for up-to-date, industry-specific information.

The website’s guidance includes information that ranges from how to keep a proper social distance and wash hands to more complex issues, such as how to clean and disinfect food manufacturing facilities and food retail stores. The website team collaborated with external groups, including the National Dairy Center network, to ensure food industry-specific guidance to minimize personnel risks due to COVID-19 illness, protect employees, and maintain a functional, safe supply chain, was included.

Experts curating this website and available to speak to food industry members to provide science-based support include:

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