Salt rubs get contemporary redesign, flip-top closure

Morton Salt’s sea salt rubs are now packaged in a sleek-waisted cylinder finished with a full-body shrink-wrap label.

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Morton Salt’s goal with its new line of sea salt rubs was to bring rubs indoors for uses beyond grilling. To meet that goal, Morton’s needed an attention-grabbing, functional, contemporary package that would live as well in the kitchen as it does on the patio.

Morton Salt turned to Berlin Packaging and its Studio One Eleven design division. Through contextual consumer research, the Studio One Eleven designers found that consumers preferred a sleek-waisted cylinder with a flip-top closure for one-handed use. Housing the three sea salt blends—Italian Roasted Garlic, Cracked Peppercorn and Herb, and Southwest BBQ—the packaging makes it easy to roast, grill, pan fry, or bake any kind of meat or fish.

Studio One Eleven’s final design, produced from PET, satisfies the dimensional constraints of spice racks. It echoes the proportions of traditional salt and pepper grinders, but with a modern, premium feel. The color-coordinated flip-top cap is presented in Morton Salt’s shade of dark blue. For easy pouring and spreading, the cap is fitted with five 0.3-in. holes, along with an articulated hinge that is easily operated with one hand and stays open when inverted.

Finished with a full-body shrink-wrap label, the three Morton Sea Salt Rub varieties stand apart from competitors and have been a hit since their December 2015 debut.

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