Frick Industrial Refrigeration

Waynesboro, PA 17268

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Frick Industrial Refrigeration's innovative ammonia refrigeration equipment and gas compression technology keeps food and beverage processing facilities safely chilled. We are a single source provider for full systems or individualized products.

Screw compressors, evaporative condensers, evaporators, control systems, vessels

Leaders in Processing
Number of employees:130,000
100 CV Avenue
Waynesboro, PA 17268
United States
Frick® Industrial Refrigeration Engineering creativity … a proud, highly-skilled manufacturing team … and the most elite installation contractors in North America. That’s what has made Frick® the heart of industrial refrigeration for 135 years. With Frick, you can experience the convenience of a single-source company that manufactures and supplies all the components necessary to fulfill your industrial refrigeration needs, thanks to our full line of industrial refrigeration equipment for food and beverage applications. We make rotary screw compressor packages and packaged equipment with variable speed drive. Models are available with capacity control from 100 percent down to 10 percent of full load. We also make condensers, evaporators, AcuAir® Hygienic Air Handlers, vessels, heat exchangers and controls. And our Quantum™ HD control panels with state-of-the-art technology lead our industry in performance and reliability. Frick compressors and air handling units offer energy efficient and cost-reductive solutions. Our high quality materials, innovative design and modern manufacturing methods provide unmatched quality, reliability and energy efficiency for your application, allowing you to maximize your energy savings. The food and beverage industry can place high demands on industrial refrigeration equipment, but Frick® refrigeration engineers continually refine products to make them more energy efficient and cost effective. So you can rely on Frick industrial refrigeration systems to work behind the scenes to meet those exceptional demands for critical processes, while providing the highest levels of dependability in an environment where failure is not an option. Whether you’re searching for a solution based on regulations or want to lower maintenance costs and improve efficiencies, we will ensure that your industrial refrigeration system meets or exceeds your requirements. Bottom line? Buy with confidence: Specify Frick.
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Steve Jaczun
Director of Sales, Refrigeration
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