Conveyor belts withstand tensions up to 400 lb. at 100,000 cycles

Also eliminate the possibility of bacteria entrapments

Ashworth Omni-Grid 360 Weld Belt
Ashworth Omni-Grid 360 Weld Belt

Intended for demanding high-tension applications, Ashworth Omni-Grid 360 Weld grid-style spiral/turn-curve conveyor belts feature buttonless welds that have no surface imperfections or crevices. Each link is formed using a coining process to prevent break-in wear and reduce belt elongation. Utilizing a “zero tension” design, the belts are available in 3/4-, 1- and 1 1/2-in. pitches. The 1- and 1 1/2-in. models are offered with integral guard-edges with a smooth, rounded finish for applications where product retention is a potential concern.

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