Conveyor allows multiple options for accumulating product

Features a space-saving design

System Technology 24VDC-powered Roller Conveyor
System Technology 24VDC-powered Roller Conveyor

The System Technology 24VDC-powered roller conveyor includes floor or ceiling supports, an angle-type “A” (facing inward) guard rail on both sides, an 18-in. wide roller bed and 24-in. long zones. The 1.9-in. diameter, 16 gauge galvanized steel rollers are spaced on 3-in. centers with 7/16-in. hex, spring-loaded axles. Capable of speeds from 20 to 190 ft./min., the roller unit is controlled by drive cards and zone photo-eyes mounted under the conveyor frame. All the normally painted parts are powder-painted grey; stainless steel is optional.

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