Flexible screw conveyor accommodates range of sources

Can handle free- and non-free-flowing materials

Flexicon Flexible Screw Conveyor with Trough Hopper
Flexicon Flexible Screw Conveyor with Trough Hopper

Capable of receiving materials from multiple outlets of feeders, grinders, blenders and other process equipment, the Flexicon flexible screw conveyor with a trough hopper features an extended-length charging adapter that exposes 45 in. of the flexible screw rotating within an inclined U-shaped trough to charge material entering the hopper at any point. As it rotates, the flexible screw self-centers within the tube; material exits the conveyor below the drive point, avoiding contact with the bearings or seals. The hopper is equipped with a stainless steel grate that prevents oversized particles from entering the conveyor.

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