Luxme MiniLux Bag Slitter Eliminates Escaping Dust

Removes associated health and safety risks

Luxme Mini Lux Automatic Bag Slitter

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The Luxme International MiniLux automated food-grade bag slitter is constructed to FDA standards with self-contained dust collection and recovery. Converting labor-intensive, inefficient processes into automated and sustainable ones, the MiniLux recovers 1.5% to 2% more product at a rate 1.8 to 2 times faster than a single bag dump station. It also protects workers from occupational breathing conditions and reduces the risk of explosion by containing all dust particles within the system itself.

The MiniLux is an all-in-one conveying, slitting, emptying, integral dust filtering, and empty bag compaction solution. Adhering to the highest standards of food hygiene, it features multiple cleanout access points for easy cleanability to ensure allergens and pathogens do not enter the food chain.

The MiniLux processes most 25-kg bag types and sizes on a continuous basis, allowing batches with a variety of bag sizes, weights, and constructions to be slit and opened in a single run without setup adjustments. Access panels on each of its four sides accommodate cleanout and  facilitate speedy, safe product changeovers. All internal components have been designed to USDA standards to allow for easy and thorough cleaning, comprising food-caliber, FDA-approved materials. In addition, material finishes are of AAA quality, the highest food-grade standard available.

The system comes with an optional upgrade of a recovery tumbler complete with dust recovery. Opening, rotating, and tumbling empty bags numerous times, it releases any remaining product to make the solution more cost effective, boasting a 99.3% to 99.98% efficiency depending upon the free-flowing characteristics of the product.

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