Screw Conveyor

The AFC Spiralfeeder Push Unit solid screw conveyor speeds residual material removal and promotes easy emptying for fast changeovers.

Afc Spiralfeeder Push Unit Solid Screw Conveyor

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The Automated Flexible Conveyor Spiralfeeder Push Unit solid screw conveyor features a proprietary design that allows full access to the bottom of the hopper and tube inlet for easy emptying of residual material with no tools. Engineered to speed cleaning between batches and support fast changeovers, the AFC Push Unit sets the drive mechanism, hopper, and screw conveyor off the floor on a rolling, open, steel frame.

To empty the system, an operator shuts off the power, removes a tri-clover fitting, places a collection bin or bag underneath the conveying tube, and then turns the screw conveyor on in reverse. Material entrained inside is automatically collected for return to storage or for reuse with no mess.

Developed for food, nutrition, pharmaceutical, and other companies transferring a variety of powders, granules, pellets, and other dry, bulk materials, the AFC Push Unit may be emptied and readied for the next material or batch in two min and/or quickly disassembled for complete cleaning in sanitary environments. A single AFC Push Unit may be used to serve multiple processing lines.

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