Grate-in-Housing Unit

The Eriez easy-to-clean grate-in-housing unit removes fine particle ferrous contamination.

Eriez Grate In Housing Unit

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Able to remove fine particle ferrous contamination up to ½ in. in size from a range of dry free–flowing products under gravity flow, the Eriez automatic grate-in-housing unit combines the superior strength of rare earth magnet tubes with the simplicity of operation associated with opening a drawer.

Single-skin tubes are positioned in a dust-tight all-stainless-steel housing, which is easily installed in square, rectangular, or round piping. Unique stripping bushings remove the accumulated ferrous particles as the banks are cycled from the housing. As it is stripped off each tube, the iron contamination falls down the ferrous discharge chute, located outside of the product flow area.

The unit includes a remote mounting panel with a filter regulator, solenoid valve, and NEMA 12 push-button control. It is available in ceramic, rare earth, and Xtreme rare earth models.

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