Plate Magnet

The Industrial Magnetics extended-length plate magnet ensures optimum ferrous metal capture in steep chutes.

Industrial Magnetics Extended Length Plate Magnet

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Engineered to capture ferrous metals in steep, angled chutes, the Industrial Magnetics extended-length plate magnet eliminates the need for multiple plate magnets and streamlines the process, making it more efficient.

With features such as swift contamination discovery, high volume, high efficiency, and strong surface contact, the extended-length plate magnet ensures smooth operations even at peak volumes. Designed for high-volume gravity flow applications, the extended-length plate magnet can decelerate ferrous metals traveling at high speeds, ensuring the removal of these metals from product flows, thereby increasing product purity.

In free-flowing, under-the-flow applications, it separates large ferrous particles like nails, bolts, and washers to prevent potential equipment damage during processing.

“The extended-length plate magnet is more than just a new product. It embodies our commitment to bridging industry gaps and ensuring that our customers receive the best solutions for their unique needs,” says Adam Thwaites, director of sales and marketing, Industrial Magnetics. “We’ve combined our traditional craftsmanship with advanced design strategies, resulting in a magnet that consistently and reliably captures ferrous debris.”

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