Linde Conveyor Belt Design Tackles Difficult-to-Handle Products with Ease

Eliminates sticking and dripping, improving sanitation and cleanability

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Linde Cryoline Pb Plate Belt Tunnel Freezer

The  Linde Cryoline PB plate belt tunnel freezer improves product yield for food manufacturers by minimizing product loss during freezing. “This is just one example of how at Linde, we continuously improve our existing systems to make our customers’ processes even more efficient,” says Chris Johnson, director business development. “Depending on the need, we can retrofit the new style plate belt into our cryogenic tunnel units already in use or install the Cryoline PB plate belt tunnel freezer as an entirely new unit.”

The plate belt tunnel freezer features a specially designed solid stainless-steel segmented conveyor belt to crust freeze difficult to handle products, such as raw, marinated proteins, sauced foods, and semi-liquid products. A frozen crust is quickly formed on products in the liquid nitrogen-powered freezer, making them easy-to-handle and increasing yield by reducing moisture loss.

Using a solid conveyor belt in lieu of a chain link belt reduces belt marks and practically eliminates sticking and dripping, which improves sanitation and cleanability. The belt is chilled in the freezer to cryogenic temperatures. So, as products are placed on the solid belt, their outside surface quickly freezes through contact with the cold plate belt. Crust freezing locks in moisture, brine, marinade, and sauces, so there are minimal losses in downstream processing steps.

The Cryoline PB tunnel freezer features a high-capacity freezer optimized for product crusting, controllable fans for optimal nitrogen efficiency, and a completely accessible interior for easy cleaning. Belt cleaning sprayers are available

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