Luxme Cooler/Conveyor Cuts Floor Space and Costs

Increases productivity by shortening processing times

Luxme Thermo Luxme Tubular Chain Conveyor

In response to food industry demands for an enclosed system that can safely transfer and cool hot food powders and mixes in one single step, Luxme International has launched the ThermoLuxme. A tubular chain conveyor with the addition of jacketed pipes containing cooling fluid, it conveys and cools material from 500 °F to 110 °F.

Replacing a separate cooling station with the ThermLuxme tubular chain conveying and cooling system can result in capital cost savings, since no separate coolers and/or chillers are required. Further savings include a reduction in plant floor space operational costs, maintenance charges, and material losses from product spoilage due to mildew. Future operational cost savings can also be made due to eliminated annual rises in electrical energy fees.

As products are cooled while they are conveyed, food producers can also enjoy increased productivity thanks to shorter processing times. Plus, treated and untreated municipal water sources, or water from elsewhere within the plant, can be used as the cooling fluid, removing additional cooling energy costs. 

As with all Luxme conveyors, the ThermoLuxme adheres to the highest standards of food hygiene. Comprising an enclosed, sealed pipe assembly, any gases or moisture emitted from the hot material during transfer are contained and vented through the internal pipework using vacuum, forced air, or inert gases, protecting the food and the workforce. As a result, the ThermoLuxme can safely convey and cool up to 1,100 ft3 of hot food products per hr, such as high-fat content organic powders and mixes, roasted nuts and snacks, pet food kibble, and pre-cooked potato cubes/foods, at the same time as ensuring work areas remain clean, dry, and dust free.

Available in 4-, 5-, 6-, 8-, and 10-in. diameter options, the ThermoLuxme preserves product integrity by smoothly gliding food powders through the custom-designed chain and disc conveyor without pinching or crushing. With carbon-steel, stainless-steel 304, or 316L low-carbon stainless-steel construction, it also comes with the option to specify glycol cooling chillers for applications with high inlet-to-outlet temperature differentiation over short transfer distances.

Navam Jagan, president of Luxme International, states, “With a cooling differential of 390 °F while conveying product, the ThermoLuxme is designed to save food producers money and floors pace by eliminating the need for an additional cooler or chiller station. It also keeps the work area—and therefore the workforce—safe and free from dust.”

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