Mixer/reactor for mixing, dissolution, emulsification, deagglomeration and heat transfer

Spray balls reduce cleaning time between batches

ROSS Model VMC VersaMix mixer/reactor
ROSS Model VMC VersaMix mixer/reactor

Designed for temperature-critical, medium- to high-viscosity formulations under stringent vacuum/pressure constraints, the ROSS Model VMC VersaMix mixer/reactor can be used for applications up to 350˚F and from 29.5-in.Hg vacuum to 8 psig internal pressure. Equipped with a three-wing anchor and two disperser shafts, the unit can be supplied with explosion-proof motors for each independently driven agitator; a built-in vacuum pump; touchscreen controls with a purge system for use in Class I, Div. 1 locations; and an oil temperature control unit.

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