Desiccant Dryers Are Compact and Heatless

Can be installed as floor or optional wall-mounted units

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Kaeser Dc Hf Twin Tower Regenerating Dessicant Dryer

Kaeser desiccant dryers are built for point-of-use or other low-flow applications from 7 to 40 scfm and pressures from 58 to 218 psig, as well as sensitive applications that require pressure dew points from -40 °F to -94 °F. DC-HF twin tower regenerating dryers include a controller with Modbus TCP communications, remote on/off control, maintenance timers, and operational displays. They feature aluminum desiccant cartridges, purge solenoid valves, shuttle valves, and coalescing pre-filter and dust collecting after filters. The desiccant has uniform, crush-resistant beads to maximize the accessible surface area.

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