Snack Frying System

The continuous snack frying system decreases oil degradation and waste.

Ppm Roto Cook Fryer Illustration

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The PPM Technologies Roto-Cook is a small-footprint, energy-efficient continuous snack frying system featuring a state-of-the-art rotary wheel design. The Roto-Cook allows for a cook time of 10 to 90 seconds, is available in three standard model sizes, and can be heated either electrically or with gas.

A conveyor is used to feed product into the fryer, which is then compartmentalized within the rotating wheel’s flight cavities and submerged in the low-volume oil bed before being carried up and out the discharge end of the fryer. By optimizing the oil turnover process, the Roto-Cook can improve frying efficiencies with decreased oil degradation, waste reduction, and cost savings.

The fryer was engineered with maintenance and sanitation in mind and includes a clean-in-place system, low-level oil detection, and a telescopic-style exhaust stack that lifts off, providing easy access to the frying wheel—which is lifted via a motor-driven system. The Roto-Cook’s ideal product applications include pellets, plant-based proteins, tortilla chips, pork rinds, extruded snacks, and more.

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