Continuous Mixers

Gericke automated GCM mixers offer high capacity and high throughput rates.

Gericke Gcm Mixer

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The Gericke continuous mixer (GCM) line automatically mixes multiple powders, granulates, flakes, liquids, and viscous materials in a single operation to offer an alternative to batch mixing in processes where high speed is as vital as the high-quality, homogeneous product. The GCM mixers use gravimetric feeders to continuously weigh and meter each ingredient or material into the mixing chamber, where a proprietary, single shaft paddle assembly applies both axial and radial mixing to achieve the targeted homogeneity, while advancing the mixture downstream. Proven in mixing food, nutrition, and pharmaceutical products, the Gericke continuous mixers process up to 150,000 L/hr and/or 100 tons/hr of dry materials in 24/7 operation. The mixers are available in optional FDA-compliant configurations for sanitary processes and ATEX-certified configurations as explosion-proof for hazardous environments, and in custom designs to meet virtually any requirements.

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