Flushing Rings

Emerson Rosemount 319 flushing rings with integrated valves eliminate on-site assembly to reduce installation time.

Emerson Flushing Ring

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Emerson Rosemount 319 flushing rings with a valve-integrated design ensure accurate differential pressure measurement and lower maintenance suitable for a range of differential pressure applications.

Available in traditional and compact options, the flushing rings provide a process-to-seal connection and allow for faster diaphragm seal maintenance without disconnecting them from process flanges.

Both versions of the Rosemount 319 flushing ring come pre-assembled, including the flushing ring, matching valves, and connections, allowing technicians to commission devices faster by eliminating the need to procure and assemble components onsite. The flushing rings are factory leak-tested, so users can mount products to vessels right out of the box. When installed, diaphragm seal maintenance is significantly faster without compromising safety, while reducing stocked inventory and management of multiple vendor piece-parts.

The Rosemount 319 traditional flushing ring design utilizes a flow-through cleaning action and can be sized to fit almost any application. Configurations are offered with a choice of ball valves, needle valves, or gate valves, and in multiple materials, flange types, sizes, and ratings.

The Rosemount 319 compact flushing ring design removes residual buildup quickly. The assemblies accommodate a range of applications due to their smaller footprint for accurate differential pressure measurement in applications that have limited space for flushing ring installation. Configurations are offered with needle valves and in multiple materials, flange types, sizes, and ratings.

“Rosemount 319 flushing rings with integrated valve assemblies are designed to eliminate procurement and on-site labor cost,” says Nicole Meidl, product manager, Emerson. “Products can be commissioned faster and more efficiently, and DP level seal systems can be easily accessed for future maintenance with reduced shutdown timelines. Efficiencies like these reduce risk, cost, and complexity.”

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