Output filter for motor drives

Eliminates premature damage caused by various factors

Schaffner FN510 dv/dt Filter
Schaffner FN510 dv/dt Filter

Suitable for motors from 1.5 to 30kW with frequencies up to 400Hz (4 to 24A) or 200Hz (33 to 66A), the Schaffner FN510 dv/dt filter reduces high output voltage from IGBT motor drives and restricts over-voltages caused by line reflections on motor cables. It includes an IP20 housing, touch-safe terminal blocks and an internal cooling fan, and meets UL 1283, CSA 22.2 No. 8 1986 and IEC/EN 60939 requirements. Typical applications include servo drives, closed-loop vector drives, machinery with servo or torque motors, robotics, pick-and-place machinery, motors with short to medium cables and applications where sine wave filters are not applicable. Models are available to accommodate switching frequencies of 2 to 16kHz. 

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