Live at interpack: More Trends in Food Processing Equipment

Modular and open designs to facilitate customization and faster cleaning are evident at interpack 2023, along with multi-use equipment that saves space on the plant floor and requires fewer resources to operate.


Hi, I'm Michael Costa, senior editor for ProFood World Magazine, and I'm at interpack 2023 in Dusseldorf, Germany. I've had a few more days since my last video to explore the 18 exhibit halls here, and in addition to some of the trends that I detailed in that first video, I'm also seeing a lot of focus on modular design and open design for food processing equipment, which facilitates customization and easier cleaning.

And I'm also seeing different types of equipment combined into one multi-use machine, which saves space on the shop floor and also requires less labor and fewer resources to operate.

WIPOTEC rolled out its modular multifunctional system, which combines metal detection, check-weighing, Double-sided labeling and track-and-trace capability. The machine is also future-forward by being compatible with the upcoming 2D barcode standard.

At Mettler Toledo, the company's CMV Combination system brings together metal detection, weight control, and label inspection in a compact, space-saving critical control point for packaged food.

Anritsu's DualX system combines two separate bone inspection x-rays for unpackaged chicken and fish in one efficient machine. The dual X is also hygienically designed and built to withstand harsh meat processing environments.

Another combination system from Bunting Magnetics puts metal detection and check-weighing into one piece of equipment. It's so new, the company just had a preview video of the machine at their booth. But a company rep says it's coming later this year.

Keeping with the theme of modular MULTIVAC showcased several machines that can fit into existing food and packaging lines, or be part of a complete upstream and downstream system for everything from slicing meats and cheeses, to pick-and-place, multiple packaging options, and inspection along with realtime data monitoring.

GEA is also taking the modular approach with its 6000 series One Line Concept that can include a slicer, sorter, customized packaging choices, detection systems, end-to-end data collection, and more.

Speaking of slicing, Urschel, known for their meat and vegetable slicing equipment, highlighted its updated 2520 TranSlicer for fruits and vegetables. This version features a more open design for cleaning than the 2510 and can save an extra 25 minutes for each washdown.

From veggies to gum, Coperion brand Gabler debuted its chewing gum extruder, which features twin screw drives that can operate in tandem going the same direction, or in counter-rotation for different extruding results.

American Extrusion’s new Twin Screw Extruder debuted at interpack, and while the machine wasn't ready for the show floor yet, a company rep told me it's ideal for processing high protein snacks, candy, and pet food in a small footprint.

Speaking of smaller footprints, Key Technology has streamlined its VERYX digital sorter to 2.0, which utilizes a more open design than the 1.0 for quicker cleaning and updated controls utilizing AI.

Admix is all in on the sophisticated tabletop equipment trend I mentioned in my previous video, with its mini Rotosolver, which mirrors all the features of the company's full size Rotosolver.

Admix also has a benchtop version of its dispersion machine called the Mini Batch.

Premier Tech introduced three different bagging machines for powders at interpack that drastically reduce waste and energy use, featuring open designs for faster cleaning, and increase the amount of powder that can be put into a single bag, which helps improve transportation costs by requiring fewer deliveries.

Finally, at SEW Eurodrive, the company launched a line of smaller hygienic drives made of stainless steel. They also showcased their partnership with Hugo Beck that produced the energy saving flowpack X, which requires no compressed air or pneumatics.

It's modular design, like much of what I've seen at interpack 2023 means it can be easily integrated into existing lines.

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