GEA: Maximizing Versatility: Cutting, Mixing and Emulsifying Product

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Jul 22nd, 2020
Jul 22nd, 2020

Finding equipment that can accomplish numerous tasks with a variety of products is rare in the food processing industry. Yet flexibility is often key to both the effective use of floor space and the efficient use of time.

During this webinar you’ll learn about the range of capabilities offered by the GEA CutMaster. Suitable for a wide variety of products, including meat, seafood, confectionary, vegetarian and cheese, the CutMaster can cut, mix and emulsify as well as cook and cool. If you are concerned about hygiene and sanitary design at your processing facility, you should attend. Bring your questions and find out more.


Preben Larsen, Manager – Food Processing, GEA North America

Reiner Metzler, Manager – Product Sales Manager, GEA Group

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