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Chicken farmers improve traceability

Contributing Editor, ProFood World
Chicken Farmers of Ontario improve value chain collaboration and supply chain automation with a robust and scalable technology platform.

When avian flu was detected on a duck farm in Ontario, Canada, not long ago, Chicken Farmers of Ontario (CFO) was able to quickly respond thanks to a robust, scalable technology platform that provided real-time visibility, insight and traceability of stock. 

CFO encompasses a large value chain, including chick hatcheries, corn and soybean growers, and processors associated with hundreds of family chicken farms in the province. When CFO decided to eliminate its manual processes and apply best practices, it chose CONTAX Inc. to deploy a core enterprise resource planning solution based on SAP Business All-in-One, the SAP customer relationship management application and the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence platform. 

The online portal installed helped to improve collaboration across the value chain — used to instantly identify all chicken farms within a certain range, determine their stage of production, and review their profiles for key factors. 

The solution also automated the entire supply chain and improved efficiency by moving CFO from a paper environment to a digital platform that supports tablet and mobile technology. Thousands of person hours were saved, 50 paper forms were eliminated, and the 1,100 farmers and processors are now able to transact all CFO business online.

Read more in "Tech advances help manage data proliferation" to learn about implementing technologies to increase supply chain transparency and how they can improve demand planning, logistics and customer satisfaction. 

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