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Dual-channel diverter valve distributes and collects bulk food

Maintenance can be performed without removing it from service

Specially designed for bulk food materials, such as sugar, grains and coffee, the Coperion WZK dual-channel diverter valve has an asymmetric design with an approximately 33°-36° angle suitable for distributing and collecting in pneumatic conveying lines and gravity applications, such as transfer from multiple sources or to multiple destinations like blenders, bins, and silos. The rotor has symmetrical channels that can be reversed to extend life, making it ideal for potentially high-wear materials, such as abrasive types of grains. The WZK is engineered with pressure differential up to 5 bar(g) [73 psi(g)], vacuum -0.5 bar(g) [14.8” hg] and pressure surge proof to 10 bar(g) [145 psi(g)]. The valve is equipped with a pressure-assisted seal.

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