Counting Down the Top 10 Articles of 2021 – No. 10: The Technology Balancing Act of Staying in the Zone

Join us as we look back at ProFood World’s most popular articles of 2021. At No. 10 is a report from the FSO Institute’s Stephen Schlegel about balancing technology and people.

Fso Tech People

For ProFood World’s April 2021 issue, the FSO Institute’s Stephen Schlegel explained that balancing your technology investment with the people using that technology can bring not only short-term benefits realized through accelerated performance but also a lasting impact by sustaining those gains.

According to Sports Psychology Today, being in the zone is a state of supreme focus that helps athletes in all sports perform at their peak potential. This widely accepted view for athletes is equally applicable to the food and beverage industry.

A recent FSO Institute survey on technology in food and beverage manufacturing supports this notion. This survey sought to identify the correlation between a company’s level of technological maturity and the technology adoption rate of its users.

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The Technology Balancing Act of Staying in the Zone


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