Cable Monitoring Device

Lapp will unveil lineup of industrial cables and connectors during PACK EXPO International 2022.

Lapp Etherline Guard 014

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Lapp North America will showcase an innovative cable monitoring device, alongside its broad lineup of industrial cables and connectors, at PACK EXPO International Booth LU-8758.

The Lapp Etherline Guard plug-and-play cable monitoring device acquires sensor data about the physical properties of industrial Ethernet data cables, allowing users to monitor actual cable performance and identify degradation over time. With Etherline Guard, users can implement a preventative maintenance strategy, while avoiding unplanned downtimes and premature cable replacement.

This compact, easy-to-use device is well-suited for 100BASE-TX (up to 100 Mbit/s) data cables in accordance with IEEE 802.3, as well as EtherCAT, EtherNET/IP, and 2-pair PROFINET applications.

In addition to Etherline Guard, Lapp will be showcasing:

-Skintop Multi-M strain relief bushing system. This multi-cable bushing system organizes multiple unharnessed cables and provides high packing density to save space in tight cabinet installations. Elastic gel technology gives each cable an IP68 seal.

-Lapp Ó¦lflex VFD light-, medium-, and heavy-duty cable range. Engineered to operate in harsh factory conditions, Lapp Ó¦lflex VFD cables resist oil, water, and impacts. The Ó¦lflex VFD Slim, 1XL, and 2XL light-, medium-, and-heavy duty VFD cable range will also be on display.

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