Robot Loaders

ELCAT offers customized robot loaders that precisely place various food items, from burgers to cheese sticks, into trays using different robotic arms and grippers.

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ELCAT's robot loaders excel in swiftly and precisely placing a wide variety of food portions into pre-made or thermoformed trays.

Each loading system is meticulously tailored to accommodate the specific product, whether it's shaved mortadella, cold cuts, meat portions, croquettes, or cheese sticks.

Our tailored solutions seamlessly integrate with existing line components, such as slicers, thermoforming machines, or flow pack machines.

ELCAT loaders can be equipped with anthropomorphic, SCARA, Delta robots, or specific automation chosen by our engineering team to ensure maximum flexibility and performance.

Grippers are tailor-made by ELCAT based on the characteristics and specifications of the food portions.

Robots can orient, compact, or manipulate portions during the pick-and-place operation if needed to ensure the best possible fit inside the trays.

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Sticks Multi-Portion grippers

Delta robots, equipped with multi-portion grippers, enable the highest capacity in handling meat or cheese sticks. ELCAT's stick loaders are ideal for picking, aligning, and placing Dog Chew Sticks.

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Burgers and Patties Multi-Portion Loader

Elcat 4ELCAT Loaders can be equipped with anthropomorphic robots and multi-portion suction grippers. Gripping tools are easily interchangeable, allowing for various patterns for burgers and patties on the same line.

Portions patterns are created upstream in our conveyor through sorting and aligning modules.

Ossobuco and Meat Portions Grippers

Elcat 5ELCAT Delta Robot Loading Systems are specifically designed to pick and place food portions, accommodating a wide variety of shapes and consistencies.

Portions are pre-aligned using specific motorized aligning guides. Our systems are equipped with vision systems to guide robots and monitor line performance.

All automation solutions are designed considering portion characteristics, required capacity, available space, hygienic regulations, and ease of maintenance operations.

Watch ELCAT’s solutions in action.

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