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Best Sanitizers Cleaning/Sanitizing Systems
Best Sanitizers Cleaning/Sanitizing Systems

The Best Sanitizers BSX800 compact walk-through boot scrubber uses 2 rotating disk brushes to clean the sides and soles of boots, while the BSX800-V model includes 3 vertical rotating brushes and 1 horizontal sole brush. The BSX1000 high-capacity walk-through version has 2 motorized rotating disk brushes and 2 motorized horizontal sole brushes. The BSX1000-V unit features 3 vertical motorized rotating brushes and 2 horizontal sole brushes. After the footwear has been cleaned, the HACCP SmartStep and HACCP Defender footwear sanitizing systems can be used to deliver an atomized spray of ready-to-use, no-rinse alcohol/quat sanitizer to the soles.

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