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Xcluder’s Fill Fabric Products Stop Rodent Problems Before They Start

Xcluder focuses on exclusion with its fill fabric products - stopping rodents from ever entering the food plant.

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Rats can fit through a quarter-size hole, and mice, a dime.

Compound that with their surprising intelligence, and it creates a serious challenge for food processing companies.

Troy Bergum, Xcluder sales manager for GMT: “When their babies come out and they’re born, they know how to avoid traps, right? They know how to avoid bait boxes, they know how to avoid glue boards.” 

Xcluder takes a proactive approach to stopping rodents with exclusion or blocking all access points so they never make it inside.

Brush weather seals, vinyl flaps, and steel wool are the traditional exclusion solutions, but a determined rodent can break right through or push the material aside.

Xcluder created its own fill fabric; a breathable polyester blend that can bunch up and expand into tight entryways, making it tough to push through, and with the blend’s makeup, even harder to bite through.

Bergum: “The magic sauce within the whole polyester blend is that we needle punch and weave core stainless steel fibers into that material.”

Rodents will find the smallest vulnerability once they know resources are inside, but Xcluder aims for a perfect seal with its fill fabric applications.

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