Microwave pasteurization in South Korea

Daesang Corp., a leading food producer in South Korea, launched chilled ready meals last December under the Whistling Cook brand.

The new Micvac microwave pasteurization line is installed in one of Daesang’s factories that is dedicated to producing high-quality ready meals. The brand Whistling Cook is distributed nationwide through both retail and Internet channels.

The range of chilled ready meals consists of six products in 240-, 390-, and 395-g sizes. The recipes are influenced by cuisine from various parts of the world, such as Korea, China, and Europe.

“We are very happy about this project, and it’s exciting to see how well the products are accepted by the consumers,” says Myounghyun Seo, MV-Project team leader at Daesang Corp.

“We are delighted that the Micvac concept now also enters South Korea,” says Hirokazu Kushioka, Manager of the Micvac team within Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd (DNP). “The producers like the shelf life, which enables a smoother production and efficient logistics.”

“We are very proud to become a strategic supplier to Daesang Corporation. It’s an industry leader with focus on high quality and innovation,” continues Håkan Pettersson, Managing Director at Micvac. “And I am really happy to see how well Micvac develops in the region together with our partner DNP.”

Micvac and DNP started their cooperation in 2010, recognizing that interest in high-quality chilled ready meals with both convenience and extended shelf life is on the rise.

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