On-edge cookie/biscuit system remains gentle at high speeds

Bosch Packaging Technology debuted two complete-system machine solutions designed to address cookie and confectionery producers’ demand for efficient and fast production, while maintaining premium product quality.


The first is a modular system that packages cookies and crackers on edge. It consists of a loader, a transfer unit, a feeder, the Pack 301 LS (Length Slug) horizontal flow wrapper, a modular GD series Presto D3 robot and a high-speed Kliklok Enterprise endload cartoner. Also, and more specific to confectionery producers requiring shorter production runs and flexibility in pack styles, formats and sizes, Bosch offers a system solution that includes the new SVE 3220 DZ vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine integrated with a CCM 3100 case packer for simplified packing of stand-up and lay-flat bags on one machine. The modular and scalable design of both of the systems enables brand owners to adapt quickly to consumer demands, both immediately and in the future, enhancing the product offering and growing with the business.

“Due to the strong industry demand for flow wrapped cookies on edge, as well as sweet snacks in bigger formats, Bosch has designed solutions that enable American producers to get ahead, and stay ahead, of the competition,” says Paul Jenks, marketing and sales director at Bosch Packaging Technology, Inc., New Richmond. “The modular design of these solutions allows for layout flexibility and scalability, enabling manufacturers to easily expand their production capacity or increase the level of automation from entry level, hand-fed machines, right through to fully automated solutions.”

Gentle and efficient product handling for cookies and crackers

The cookie on edge packaging system for rectangular, square, round and sandwich products is designed for gentle product handling of delicate and brittle products – even at higher speeds. Transfer points from the loader to the cross chain, from the cross chain to the infeed chain, and further into the film tube, generally pose the greatest risk to the product in terms of damage and breakage. However, due to full-servo execution, the Smart Measuring Loader allows for smooth placement of the portioned cookies into the cross chain. The Smart Transfer Unit eliminates impact on the product when passing it from the cross chain into the machine infeed, thanks to pre-acceleration for synchronization with the infeed chain. To keep the cookies in an upright position while being transported into the film tube, the product portion is supported by an easily adjustable counter holding pin. Between the folding box and the cross-sealing station, the slug is guided carefully by side belts, or chains, towards the cross-sealing. These innovative features ensure products are kept under control during the complete packaging process.  Additionally, the narrow design of the cutting head improves sealing performance and creates tight seals. Depending on the manufacturer’s requirements, the solution can be equipped with up to ten vibratory channels.

Faster and reliable performance for secondary packaging

In order to improve packaging efficiency of the cookie system, the enhanced D3 Presto robot picks and places the wrapped cookies on edge into the Kliklok Enterprise cartoner. The fully modular robotic platform handles higher payloads of up to three kilograms and ensures higher speeds, up to 500 products per minute. Designed for quick changeovers, simplified use and maintenance, it allows manufacturers to achieve a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and a shorter return on investment (ROI) period.

The last stage of the cookie solution is the Kliklok Enterprise, the newest endload cartoner from Kliklok-Woodman, a company acquired by Bosch in 2015. Specifically designed with optional article buckets and an overhead confiner for bag-in-box applications, the Kliklok Enterprise can run at speeds of up to 240 cartons per minute. With the patented rotary carton feeder (the fastest, most positive in the market), the solution erects cartons in the direction of the product flow - with a 30 percent longer carton-open time. The machine features Bosch Packaging Technology´s new Human Machine Interface (HMI 4.0) with a uniform and intuitive navigation concept. By clearly marking all set points for optimal settings, the Kliklok Enterprise solution helps end users achieve predictable and consistent performance by accelerating product and equipment changeovers and reducing both unplanned downtime and material waste.

Larger pack sizes and frequent format changes for sweets

For cookies, nuts and confectionery manufacturers requiring shorter production runs and more flexibility in pack styles, formats and sizes, Bosch designed a new version of the proven SVE 2520 DZ (Doy Zip) VFFS machine, which is adaptable to larger formats for American consumers – the SVE 3220 DZ. The compact continuous motion machine allows faster production of high quality bags per minute, resulting in lower cost-per-bag and a higher ROI. Additionally, the machine produces seven of the most popular bag styles: pillow, gusseted, block bottom, corner seal, full corner, 3-sided as well as Doy and Doy Zip with its patent-pending zipper applicator. As a result, the premium quality, attractive shape and size of the bags help drive greater visibility and consumer preference for food products at the point-of-sale.

At the show, Bosch will present the SVE 3220 DZ bagger integrated with the most flexible case packer available in its portfolio – the CCM 3100. This packaging solution features a wide format range in both bag and case sizes and styles, including the Regular Slotted Container (RSC), Half Slotted Container (HSC), and other shelf-ready packaging styles. Capable of picking and placing at up to 180 packages per minute, the machine’s single frame is attached to an infeed system that handles products individually or in groups.
The CCM's flexible design gives it the ability to load packages into cases horizontally (lay flat) or vertically (stand-up) across a broad range of case and package sizes - meeting manufacturer's need for frequent changes in product and packaging styles. The combination results in a flexible solution of high quality, providing manufacturers plenty of options at both primary and secondary packaging stages.

Total Productive Maintenance and maximized effective

Designed with operators and Total Productive Maintenance in mind, both solutions are built to be accessible from all sides, making for a smoother operation, fast and easy cleaning, a low maintenance effort, and stable output - at high production speeds. All machine parts that come in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, meeting today’s hygienic standards. All aspects of the system are designed to minimize downtime and enable stable output at high production speeds.


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