Sorters have specialized infeed and collection systems

Handle fragile fruit without damaging it

Key iVERYX Digital Sorter
Key iVERYX Digital Sorter

Built for use with fresh and frozen berries, Key Technology iVERYX chute- and belt-fed digital sorters feature sustained, all-sided, in-air surface inspection, next-generation cameras and lasers, and a multi-sensor ejection system; up to 4 channels of information from the cameras and up to 8 channels from the laser scanner satisfy a range of application requirements. Recognizing each object’s color, size, shape and structural properties, the systems detect and remove soft fruit, broken berries, color-based defects and organic and inorganic foreign material, including stems, leaves, metal, glass, rocks, paperboard, plastics and rubber. They come in a variety of widths and include a modular design that can be configured to meet specific requirements.

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