Audible packaging feature appeals to pets and pet owners

Sensory closure system provides heightened audible cues each time Purina’s Fancy Feast Duos pet treats pouch is opened.

Pfw 3817 Fancy Feasts

Feeding and treating pets is as much about the experience and the anticipation as it is about the food itself. That thought was top of mind with Purina when, in collaboration with Zip-Pak, they selected the Sensus sensory closure system for Fancy Feast Duos treats packaging. Ideally suited for pet products, the closure system provides heightened audible cues each time the pouch is opened. As a result, Purina’s Sensus-enhanced package helped deliver a more interactive, mutually engaging treating experience for pet owners and their cats.

Beyond pet brands, Sensus is suitable for a range of flexible packaged consumer products, including cereal, granola, salty snacks, and detergents, as it aligns with what Zip-Pak has identified as the global trend toward more interactive consumer packaging. The audible sound provides consumers with the assurance of a secure, tight seal.

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