TDI Packsys Rolls Out Bone Inspection System

TDI's new XR Series X-Ray machine features a powerful bone detection system ideal for packaged chicken and poultry.

Chicken bone inspection system TDI Packsys
Michael Costa

New at PACK EXPO International is the XR-6080SH X-Ray Inspection System from TDI Packsys. The detection technology built into the XR-6080SH can find 3mm thickness of bone, which is especially useful for chicken and poultry, since those bones can be hollow and difficult to detect.

"Our customers were asking for something that could get a little more micron, especially for packaged meat," says Israel Mateos, director of quality & integration at TDI Packsys. "We can also find 0.3mm metals, like stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous, which is unheard of across the industry. We can do that with great accuracy."

Mateos adds that while the detection technology in the XR Series is ideal for chicken and poultry, it also works for other meats too. "If this system does well on difficult-to-detect, hollow chicken bones, it can do great on beef and pork bones that are denser and bigger."

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