Mepaco Highlights ThermaBlend Batch Cookers at PACK EXPO International

Energy-efficient and speedy batch cookers are ideal for volume sauces, stews and chilis, in sizes from 75 to 1,000 gallons.

Batch cooking food processing Mepaco
Michael Costa

Mepaco's ThermaBlend batch cookers provide up to 50% more heat transfer area than hemispherical kettles and other conventional jacket cookers. ThermaBlend cookers deliver quick, homogenous blending while minimizing shear with effective agitator designs, and also minimize burn-on while optimizing heat transfer with a durable, bi-directional scraper system.

"For a stew product or a chili, companies want every one of those vegetables, beans, or pieces of meat to be intact, so that it looks just like you might make in your home kitchen, but on a much larger scale. We have a steam jacket, much like you do in your kitchen where you have a pot sitting on top of a heating element, and you're heating that pot indirectly," says Tom Hoffman, director of sales at Mepaco. 

Hoffman adds that the ThermaBlend batch cookers come with direct steam injection as well as a steam jacket for the full range of steam and cooking options. ThermaBlend also has CIP capability, and the option to batch chill as well.

"You can bring a product up to 180 degrees, cook it, and hold it through an intervention step if necessary. Then, actually bring it down to whatever temperature you want all the way down to 40 degrees in a relatively quick period of time." 

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