Marx Brothers invests in sustainability

Launches solar energy initiative

Marx Brothers solar photovoltaic energy system
Marx Brothers solar photovoltaic energy system

A national importer, producer and supplier of high-quality coconut products, Marx Brothers, Inc. has installed a 132kW solar photovoltaic energy system, spanning 12,400 sq. ft. across the rooftop of its Birmingham, AL facility. A part of the company’s sustainability initiative, the installation consists of 400 330W panels and is one of the largest to date in central and southern Alabama.

The company expects the system will produce more than 205,000kW hours of electricity in its first year, the equivalent of approximately 35 percent of its annual electricity consumption, and in excess of 5.7 million kW hours of electricity over the next 30 years, offsetting 4,692 tons of CO2. The solar photovoltaic energy system was designed and installed by Vulcan Solar Power.

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