Print/Apply Directly from PDF

Label designs can be sent directly to this printer/applicator in pdf format, thus eliminating complexity and extra steps associated with printer drivers and middleware platforms.


The new 5610 label printer/applicator from Fox IV Technologies has a unique new option: the ability to print and apply a label format sent directly to it as a pdf—without the use of middleware.

Previously, in order for a printer/applicator to utilize a pdf, some type of middleware was required to translate the pdf into the printer’s native language format. With the 5610 and its on-printer pdf app, label designs can be sent directly in pdf format from ERP systems such as Oracle and SAP as well as graphics programs. This eliminates the middleware and any translation errors that could occur.

In addition to eliminating complexity and extra steps, printing directly to the label printer has other benefits:

• By using a pdf created by the ERP system, that document can be archived for later retrieval and reprinting

• A pdf can be created at the intended print size, eliminating the need to scale documents, which can bring about bar code scanning issues

Other features of the 5610 include a large, icon-based, 7-in full-color HMI, two USB host ports, 16-in OD label roll capacity for high-volume applications, repositionable control box, and optional RFID encoding.