Shelf stable coffee shots

Coffee shots from Forto Coffee, on display at ProFood Tech, are said to be selling like hot cakes.

Coffee shot is shelf stable.
Coffee shot is shelf stable.

Notable at the ProFood Tech booth of PTI, a U.S. representative for equipment made by Germany’s Waldner, was a 2 oz organic coffee shot from New York-based Forto Coffee. The tall cylindrical plastic package is filled by a contract packager on a Waldner rotary Dosimat system. It denests the cups and decontaminates them with hot dry hydrogen peroxide, fills the cups, and heat seals a foil lid punched from roll stock. Filled containers are then retorted to give them a 1-year shelf life at ambient temperatures. A plastic snap-fit overcap plus attractive full-body shrink sleeve label complete the package.

Sold in the United States, the coffee shots are said to be selling briskly. In the works now, says PTI, is a modification that will let the machine apply pre-cut aluminum lids, an approach that will cut costs and reduce scrap.

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