Silgan Equipment: 2D profiling dud detector

See it at PACK EXPO International, Booth #N-6016! Silgan Equipment has introduced its new 2D profiling dud detection system, which employs a laser to inspect filled food and beverage containers for complete closure application and sufficient container vacuum level to hold the closure safety button or surface down, confirming seal quality and ensuring food safety.

2D profiling dud detector
2D profiling dud detector

The system inspects closures on filled containers at production line speeds, and provides 100% inspection of containers. The compact unit is mounted on universal hardware that fits over existing production conveyors, eliminating the need to disrupt a production line to install it.

Operators access the system controls through a full color touchscreen HMI, and the controls store and recall product files for quick and reliable changeovers. The system software, which is PackML compliant, also records and stores inspection statistics to guide Continuous Improvement programs and provide data in the event of an FDA inspection.

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