Robotic unscrambler orientor

Pace Packaging, a ProMach product brand, introduces its R-Line robotic bottle unscrambler orientor designed for plastic containers that require puck handling. System can achieve speeds to 240 bpm with two robotic cells.

R-Line robotic bottle unscrambler orientor
R-Line robotic bottle unscrambler orientor

“Our new R-Line system is totally unique. Other robotic unscramblers with a similar throughput use four to six robotic cells. Because we align the bottles first, we simplify our robots’ movements, which enables us to accomplish the same operation at comparable speeds with only two robotic cells,” explained Frank Schlogl, Vice President and General Manager at Pace Packaging. “This new system was developed by combining Pace’s expertise in bottle unscrambling and orienting with the robotic integration and programming know-how of ProMach Performance Services.”

The system includes a bulk hopper, elevator and bottle alignment station that feeds bottles onto multiple lanes in either base-leading or neck-leading positions, followed by a camera and two ABB robotic cells. The R-Line unscrambles, orients and inserts empty containers into pucks for improved container handling through the production process. The R-Line can also easily place containers directly on the conveyor, if needed.

With up to eight lanes, Pace’s flexible multi-lane system can satisfy virtually every application. Feeding aligned containers enables R-Line to achieve speeds of up to 240 bpm with only two robotic cells. Compared to other robotic unscramblers that use up to six robots to achieve similar speeds, R-Line offers a footprint that is up to 30% smaller.

R-Line handles HDPE and PET containers of any shape, with or without handles, from 8 to 32 oz (226 to 908 g) in size. Gentle container handling and soft end-of-arm tooling prevent scuffs, scratches and abrasions to keep plastic bottles pristine.

Container changeovers can easily be accomplished in less than two minutes on R-Line with no change parts and no tools required for most applications thanks to universal end-of-arm tooling from ProMach Performance Services. To ease the operation and ensure consistent performance when starting up a new container, no mechanical adjustments are needed – simply select the recipe on the touchscreen control panel and all settings are automatically changed, including lane widths. R-Line can be equipped with either Allen-Bradley or Siemens controls.

The system is virtually maintenance free, offering a very low cost of ownership. R-Line is supported worldwide by a dedicated team of Pace Packaging and ProMach Performance Services technicians.

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